Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 C Wedge

LOOK: The giant sole looks impossible to chunk, which is close to the truth; the sand-friendly "S" model hides the flange -- it sits like any confident, full-bodied wedge; the low-profile, rectangular "C" looks, well, like a chipper.
FEEL: Lively face sends the ball off with a resonant pop; slightly more feedback than testers expect; impossible to lose track of the heavy head; the "S" glides easily through the sand.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Forgiving, and easy to figure out; the "C" takes the guesswork out of bump-and-runs and, for most guys, the short shaft makes it safer than a 7- or 8-iron; the “S” model sends shots high and soft, without much spin.
PLAYABILITY: As advertised -- they give you one shot each, nonnegotiable; take a normal swing and the "S" gets you out of sand; treat it like a putter and the “C” will pop your ball onto the green; don’t get too fancy and they’ll make sure your next shot’s a putt -- that’s as simple as golf gets.

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