• 431 STAINLESS STEEL HEAD - Provides softer feel and its higher strength-to-weight ratio allows for more perimeter weighting to increase forgiveness and accuracy.

  • CONCEALED CUSTOM TUNING PORT - Positioned deeper in cavity and lower on face to align with impact area for a more solid sound and feel.

  • PROGRESSIVE SET DESIGN - Head sizes and offsets are engineered to provide forgiveness and trajectory control.

  • DISTANCE-GENERATING LENGTHS & LOFTS - Lengths and lofts are optimized to increase distance with proper gapping and promote higher trajectories for stopping power. 

    • (3-9 irons +1/4 ˝ length vs. i25 irons)

    • (3-8 irons 1° stronger loft vs. i25 irons)

  • HIGH MOMENT-OF-INERTIA (MOI) - Weight savings (3-4 grams) from the 431 stainless steel and the deeper CTP position allow for expanded perimeter weighting. Tungsten toe weight in 3 – 7 irons increases forgiveness.










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