The 13-degree Rapture 3-wood is for golfers looking for a versatile driver alternative or hotter-faced 3-wood. The multi-material, adjustable design combines a Ti 8-1-1 titanium body, high-strength beta-titanium face and dense tungsten sole plate for increased ball speed and lowered spin, leading to more distance and accuracy. Tungsten weighting in the forgiving Ti 8-1-1 head is paired with an extreme high-balance-point shaft to create faster ball speeds from the beta-titanium face for adding distance. An injection-molded tungsten sole plate accounts for nearly 25% of clubhead mass, which positions the CG much lower than a traditional fairway wood, resulting in high launch and low spin for added distance. A tall, extreme-variable-thickness face enlarges the hitting surface for increased forgiveness while accelerating ball speed to send the ball far. The Rapture fairway wood has 13º loft, which can be adjusted +- ½ degree using PING’s Trajectory Tuning Technology featuring an ultra-lightweight hosel for optimizing launch angle and spin rate. PING’s proprietary TFC 949 high-balance-point graphite shaft promotes an increase in momentum and inertia for improved energy transfer, resulting in faster ball speeds and greater distance.

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