Looking for an easy to launch club delivering greater distance and accuracy from the tee or the turf, then the new Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Wood is the one for you. The Rhapsody range has been custom-engineered for women's swing dynamics resulting in fewer shots and more fun, while having a complete cosmetic overhaul. A new women's Ping logo and an attractive new tropic teal theme ensure visual appeal and continuity across the Rhapsody family. The ultra forgiving Rhapsody fairway woods launch the ball high with an increased MOI for greater forgiveness and accuracy. The thin, uniform-thickness face increases ball speed across the entire face to add distance. While heel weighting promotes head rotation to square the face for consistently solid impact and straighter shots. As with the popular men's G30 range the Rhapsody fairways feature revolutionary 'Turbulator Technology' on the crown reducing aerodynamic drag on the downswing, leading to increased clubhead speed and ball velocity for maximum distance. The 'Turbulators' also help frame the ball at address making it easier to aim and align the clubface, inspiring confidence. Ping Products cannot be ordered online. Please call us to order this product.

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