The Odyssey White Ice 9 Putter has grown to be one of the most popular putters in the world for left handers as players like Phil Mickelson have been using the putter. Most golfers will admit that they know a lot about Odyssey as it is one of the most popular brands out there. The Callaway brand putter continues to be one of the better putters on the market todayThe crisp feel is exactly what golfers are paying for when it comes to the Odyssey White Ice 9 Putter. Odyssey has always been famous for creating putters that feel good off of the face and this putter is better with softer golf balls.The Odyssey White Ice 9 Putter has a newer look with a traditional edge. Most of the top putters will have the same look and this traditional putter will certainly be used by a lot of pro players this year. The mallet putter is continuing to be a trend on the tour and it surely is becoming a top putter.

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